Thee Random Thought Crime Generator

On Wed from 06:30 am EST to 08:30 am EST
With: DanK


Thursday mornings at 6:30am your alleged host DanK runs the voodoo down spinning exotica, neurotica, with news and views you can’t use. Subverting the predominant paradigm, evolving under the radar, and collapsing the wave function. Tune in and turn on. You’ll hear instrumental surf, funk, and jazz, sound tracks, novelties, and spoken word.









Sam Brown

I love your music. Thanks for sharing. We are lucky to have you, Lars!! Keep it up. Thanks.

Joe S.

Dan, Thanks so much for your weekly foray. Listen each week and play it back too. Sweet memories of the WMPG 90’s gemstone, “My Vinyl Recliner”, and much more. Keep up the great work.


Wondering what the name of the song was that was playing at 6:30 on the Nov 13th archives. The archive recording starts with the end of the song. It sounds like a 70s rock song?


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