On Wed from 07:00 pm EST to 07:30 pm EST

A half-hour of compelling spoken word and sound design, fiction and non-fiction, produced by Dan Bernard and Michael Townsend. So far, listeners have heard:

Offline 1
Wrestling George Costanza by Josh Gondleman
Feminism For Sale by Laurie Penny

Offline 2
Prefatory Remarks by Teddy Wayne
The Limits of Empathy by Jack Chang

Offline 3
If I Ever Meet You by Danny Wallace
The League That Ate Itself by John Pritchard

Offline 4
The Dead Kid by Melissa Bachelor Warnke
Variant Text by Cat Howard

Offline 5
Denver: No Longer A Cow Town by Jenny Shank

Offline 6
Jane Doe by Laura McClellan
The King of Michigan by Michael Zack

Offline 7
Excerpts from The Boss by Victoria Chang
Surfacing by John Castine