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On Wed from 04:00 am EST to 06:30 am EST

On The Flipside, I play my favorites from indie rock: the B-sides of the pop machine! I play a wide variety of music, from songs that have just been released to deep cuts from the 90s, and from bands all over the world (especially Australia, I love Australian bands)! But I promise if you tune in, you will hear something you’ve never heard before, and you never knew you needed to hear. I am always open to music suggestions, and I love learning about new bands as much as I hope you do. With DJ Savannah.


“Brief Candles in his mind,
Bright and tiny gems of memory.”
Chris White

When Elvis did “Hound Dog”, I fell for Rock & Roll and I’ve been collecting
music ever since. I followed it down most of the diverging paths it’s taken
since them, English, Celtic, Folk, Punk, Psychedelia, you name it.

For each show I’ll be playing some of the highlights from both my personal
and the WMPG libraries.

So tune into ‘Brief Candles’ with Russ every other Wed at 4:00 AM or on the
web anytime at

And always, thanks for listening to WMPG.


jonathan padwe

Hi I loved the music played between 5:30 and 6:00 AM on Wednesday, June 7… The 5-6 songs before Pink Floyd. How could I find out what artist(s) that was? Thanks!

Laura Lee Sawyer

Thank you for your brave and beautiful show this morning… 1.16.19
And… thank you for playing my song for my brother, Dave.
I hope that you liked it too.
Here’s to all the songs that lift us… and that ease our pain. Be well, my friend



Thank you John for giving me airtime on this morning show 🙂
First time my music is played on radio, I’m glad it was through your show, wish you the best from Paris France

one love


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