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Your host Richard Doherty engages with all aspects of human society and culture to find the people making progress on sustainability. He talks with local organizations and people about the positive actions they are taking to make human endeavours sustainable and the actions listeners must take to help.

Show 73 Garbage to Garden and Tyler Frank

This week I return to the subject of organic matter and talk with an expert who has been collecting it for almost 10 years. That expert is Tyler Frank owner of Garbage to Garden. Tyler has implemented the technolgy of nature —that of recycling—to help move us back to a sustainble culture. It is a brilliantly simple idea, that everyone can employ to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, solid waste costs, and the need for external inputs of organic matter for your gardens.


Show 72 Siri Pierce of Solarise Portland

On Ecotones this week I talk with Siri Pierce recent graduate of Casco Bay High School and Youth Director of Solarise Portland. I also have a Nature Nugget for you on organic matter.

Ecotones is about how people in New England are making change for an ecologically sustainable human culture. I’ve talked about environmental justice and how people of color and poorer folks take the burden of our environmental pollution and destruction. But there is another group that inherit the results of our greed and poor environmental choices. The young. Much of the young don’t have a voice in how we treat the earth, but the older young people do and I wanted to make sure we heard some of those voices and the actions they are taking to make change.

The web resources Siri mentions are

You can also find them on the Ecotones Facebook page


and at Show 66 – Foraging for Wild Edibles with Aaron Witham

This week we hear from Aaron Witham, Director of the Office of Sustainability at USM and wild edible enthusiast for over 17 years. Aaron talks about the why and how of identifying and gathering wild edibles, sustainably.


Aaron’s Website

On Facebook see – Ancestral Plants and Maine Foragers

Organizations for a class – The Delta Institute in Turner and Canton, Maine Primitive Skills School in Augusta, Way of the Earth School in Blue Hill, ReWild Maine in Portland, Moose Ridge Wilderness School (western Maine). Also the Maine Mycological Association!

Show 65  Pandemic and the Environment – May 12, 2020

This week I talk about how the pandemic has exposed the unsustainbility of capitalism and how, taking a break from capitalism helps us reconnect with nature and what our priorities should be.

On Point from WBUR

The Planet of the Humans

A Review of the film and the Reviews –

Show 64  Zack Rouda – ReWild Maine – May 5, 2020

This week’s show features Zack Rouda of ReWild Maine talking about how and why we need to be rewilding.


Show 63 Eric Topper – Director of Education, Maine Audubon

This week on Ecotones I talk with Eric Topper, Director of Education at Maine Audubon, about how we can help restore native habitat and insect populations to ensure that birds are fed and plants are pollinated!

Show 62 Amy Eshoo of 350Maine

This week (4-21-20) on Ecotones I talk with Amy Eshoo, Program Director of 350Maine. She tell about the important initiatives 350Maine is working on concerning fossil fuel divestment, transportation, and this Earth Week’s festivities. See

Show 61 Natural Resources Council of Maine’s Sarah Nichols

I talk with Sarah Nichols, the Sustainability Maine Director for the NRCM about solid waste, plastic, and food waste policy and legislation and how folks at home can help.




Show 60 Sustainability at Home

This is a re-broadcast of Sustainability at Home.


Show 59 March 31 Becoming resilient

On this show I dig deep into the reason for being resilient and how to move in that direction individually, and with your community. For an overview, see this great visual from our own Resilience Hub here in Portland, Maine.

Check out some of the organizations I draw from:…/Editorials-Sp…/related-and-resilient


Show 58 March 24, 2020 – How to live more sustainably

This is another re-broadcast of a show, this time from Jan. 3, 2019. I talk about the various elements of living sustainably and share some resources from a selection of guests I’ve had on the show in 2018.


Show 57 March 17, 2020 – Walking and Biking

This is another re-broadcast of a show, this time from August 2nd, 2018. I walk and bike across town during the show talking about all the good reasons we should walk and bike for our main form of transportation.


Show 56 March 10, 2020 – Walking

Why focus on walking? Well it is one solution to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. People can get out of their cars and walk more instead of driving. Walking is free. So for the bulk of today’s show I’d like you to listen to someone who might persuade you. This is Chuck McCarthy: The People Walker from his talk at TEDX UCLA on July 24, 2019


Quartz: One small change to New York’s intersections is saving pedestrians’ lives

For the good of all humankind, make your city more walkable, October 13, 2018

The Best and Worst U.S. Places to Live Car-Free  SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

Everybody Walk

America Walks


Show 55 March 3, 2020
Ecotones this week includes excerpts from the book Wasted Worlds: How our consumption challenges the planet, Rob Hengeveld, 2012. Also we’ll listen to Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot’s video on what we need to do now. I’ll share a few relevant items from the News as well.


Hengeveld, Rob. 2012. Wasted World: How our consumption challenges the planet.University of Chicago Press.

Nature Now Solution

CEBE’s Climate Convergence, 2020 Vision: Finding Hope in Climate Action

Facebook – SustainablePortlandME – City of Portland Sustainability Office

NPR – Maine Among Several States Looking To Shift Recycling Costs Back To Manufacturers


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