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Community Voices for Change is a talk show highlighting the work of individuals and organizations working to enhance the greater good of communities.  Producer and Host Richard Rudolph begins each show with  music from Sam Cooke’s Ain’t That Good News Album -“A Change is Gonna Come”.  The show is also based on the writings of Howard Zinn and other writers who believe if we can get organized “Small acts” multiplied by hundreds, thousands of people we can transform our communities, the state and even possibly the world.
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July 9, 2020. Our guest tonight are Dr. William Darity, co-author of From Here to Equality: Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century which was recently published and Dr. Maureen Elgersman Lee who is the author of Black Bangor: African Americans in a Maine Community, 1880-1950. The show will focus on how racism and discrimination has choked economic opportunity for African Americans at nearly every turn and why economic reparations are needed for descendants of slavery in the U.S.

July 2,2020. Our guest tonight is Betsy Sweet who is running as one of three Democratic senatorial candidates on the ballot that Maine Citizens can vote for via absentee ballot or on Maine Democratic Party Primary Election Day, July 14. Betsy will talk about why she believes she is the best candidate who can beat Senator Susan Collins and what she hopes can be accomplished if elected.

June 25, 2020. Our guests tonight are Maria Testa and April Fournier who are members of Portland’s Police Citizen Review Subcommittee which is charged with reviewing complaints against Portland police officers. They will talk about the work that the committee currently is able to do and share their ideas regarding how it could become more effective going forward.

June 18, 2020. Our guest tonight are Scott Vonnegut and Tim Wells who are members of the Greater Portland Community Land Trust. They will talk about this nonprofit organization’s efforts to create housing in the greater Portland area on land permanently preserved by the CLT that enables people of moderate means to reside in our community.

June 11, 2020. Tonight’s show due to some unforseen difficulty is a podcast of a show produced earlier in the year.

June 4, 2020. Our guest is Brendan McQuade, Assistant Professor, Criminology, University of Southern Maine. He recently published a book entitled Pacifying the Homeland. Intelligence Fusion and Mass Supervison which was published last year by the University of California Press. The book is excellent and timely given a whistle blower has charged that the fusion center in Augusta has provided intelligence to CMP about their opponents who have been working to stop the building of the power line which would transmit electricity to Massachusetts from Quebec Hydro. The book, however, points out that fusion centers are not the centerpiece of a new effort to crackdown on dissent. Instead,the institutionalization of intelligence fusion has enabled decarceration without addressing the underlying social problems at the root of mass incarceration in this country.
March 12. Our guest tonight is Ross LaJeunesse, a Democratic Candidate running for the Senate seat that is currently occupied by Senator Susan Collins. He is a former Google Executive who currently lives in Biddeford. The show will focus on why he is running and what he hopes could be accomplish if he indeed wins the primary in June and then defeats Senator Collins in November.

March 5.Our guest tonight is Stephanie Eglington, the Executive Director of the Maine Children’s Alliance which works to inform, empower and inspire parents, providers, practitioners, organizations, advocates and policy makers to make Maine a better place to be a kid. The show will focus on current policy efforts to improve life for Maine children and families.

February 27. Our guest tonight is Anna Siegel, the Chapter Lead for the Maine’s  Chapter of US Youth Climate Strikes. ME Strikes has been an active member within the youth coalition –  Maine Youth for Climate Justice.  It is working on climate emergency campaigns, and planning strikes for both the presidential primary on March 3rd and Earth Day. 

February 20. Our guest tonight is Anna Kellar, the Executive Director, League of Women Voters of Maine and Maine Citizens for Clean elections. The show will focus on rank choice voting which is a ballot question that Portland voters will be asked to vote on March 3. Statewide voters will also be able to rank their choices for the U.S. Senate and House races on June 8.

February 13.Our guests tonight are Dr Laura Blaisdell, a practicing board certified pediatrician and health services researcher, and Caitlin Gilmet, who are spokeswomen for Maine Families for Vaccines. The show will focus on Question I which will be on the Maine Ballot on March 3 – a people’s veto effort aimed at repealing a new school vaccination law passed by the Democratic-led Legislature last year. They will talk about why the law should be kept on the books.

February 6, 2020. Our guest tonight is Chris Busby, Editor in Chief, MainerNew. The show will focus on Maine’s state politics and the upcoming Maine Primary taking place on March 3 and the democratic municipal caucuses which will be held on March 8.

January 30, 2020. Our guest tonight is Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space will talk about the establishment of the new U.S. Space Force.The show will focus on why Bruce believes it is a misguided notion to wage war in space and is “probably the most dangerous and frightening development”of his lifetime. “The idea that the U.S. thinks it can fight and win a war in space is indeed the height if insanity.”

January 23, 2020. Our guest tonight is James Myall, Policy Analyst, Maine Center for Economic Policy. He recently completed the agency’s first State of Working Maine Report, 2019. He will talk about the key findings. The report reveals that Maine workers struggle with jobs that offer limited benefits or protections. And while small businesses play a central role in Maine’s economy, their employees are more likely to experience poorer working conditions and benefits than employees at larger firms. Many workers face unpredictable hours, a highly seasonal job market, and wage payment policies and practices that undercut their earnings. Race and ethnicity are also important factors in how workers experience Maine’s economy

January 16, 2020. Our guest tonight is Representative Ryan Fectau who is the Assistant Majority Leader in the Maine House of Representatives. He will talked about the current affordable-housing crisis in Maine and the two bills which he introduced which will be considered during this year’s legislation session. If passed, the first bill would establish a Commission to Increase Housing Opportunities in Maine by Studying Zoining and Land Use Restrictions. The other bill would create a Maine Affordable Housing Tax Credit Program which would create nearly 1,000 additional affordable homes over eight years and preserve over 500 rural homes that are at risk of losing their affordability as federal support expires.

January 9, 2020. Our guests tonight our Glen Gallik and Muntaha Mohamed who will be representing the local chapter of the Southern Maine Democratic Socialists. They will talk about the work the chapter is doing around prison abolition, and how that fits into the larger socialist movement here in the state and nation.

January 2,2020. Our guest tonight is Lisa Salvage, the Green Party Candidate who is running to unseat Susan Collins who has served in the U.S. Senate during the past 18 years. Lisa will talk about why she is running, what she hopes can be accomplished if elected and what listeners can do to help.