The Death and Resurrection Show / Sanctuary of Metal

On Sun from 11:00 pm EST to 01:30 am EST

The Death and Resurrection Show is a biweekly show featuring metal and metal-adjacent music. The Phoenix plays black, death, thrash, stoner, doom and drone with a little bit of avant garde for good measure, as well as loud and grimy punk, occasional hard rock, and black ’n’ roll tracks. If it’s loud and grim, find it here.

alternating weeks

For countless centuries, Nightfall has kept the Sanctuary of Metal closed from the world, waiting for a time necessary to open its gates, and that time… is now. The Sanctuary will be delivering pure unholy metal to the masses, whether they be weary traveler, bloodied warrior, or curious acolyte. Expect something new every other week, thrash, black, old school death metal, classic metal. But be warned. venturing into the Sanctuary may daunting at first, but once you enter its hallowed halls… you will never want to leave.