New Mainers Speak/ Tarabz/Poetry and Music

On Sun from 12:00 pm EST to 12:30 pm EST

3 shows alternating weeks! New Mainers Speak: Individuals from around the world are interviewed about their personal experiences in their home countries, as well as here in Maine. Tarabz: translation means to be moved by music. Poetry and Music: Live poetry readings with live cello accompaniment.

New Mainers Speak: These immigration stories bring to life unique perspectives from all over the world.  The interviews capture stories of new arrivals as well as established citizens.  Guests share information about their past as well as their dreams for the future.  New Mainers are people who were born citizens of a foreign country and have since moved to Maine as immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Radio may sometimes be under appreciated, as we go about our high tech lives.  But it is a powerful tool for embracing our freedom and is one of the best things America has to offer to people who have not experience this right in their lives, previously.  On New Mainers Speak, exercising free speech is not just a concept, but a living practice.