The Night Train

On Sat from 01:30 pm EST to 03:00 pm EST

Jump on board The Night Train Show with your co-hosts Bill Audette and Rockin’ Rick. Together, you, Bill and Rick, along with their famous Night Train crew, will cruise through the first 40+ years from The History of Rock & Roll: mid 40s through mid 80s, with a focus on the ’60s and ’70s. Every Saturday afternoon on WMPG, you’ll hear the famous platters-that-used-to-matter along with those long-gone and forgotten platters-that-never-quite-mattered.

You’ll hear 1) the pre-rock, jump-blues shouters of the mid & late 40’s; 2) the piano-pumpers, the big-bass-thumpers, the juke-box jumpers and the Top 40 bumpers of the 50’s and 60s; 3) the pioneers of R & B and soul of the 50’s and 60s; 4) the many West Coast acts (surf to psychedelic) of the 60s; 5) the many mid & late 60s British Invasion acts; 6) the classic rock acts of the late 60s through the mid 80s; and 7) the singer-songwriters of the 70s.

When you tune in, you might think you’re listening to a big-city AM radio station from the mid to late 60s. And, you’ll hear it all with a professional-sounding presentation, including vintage jingles, catchy sound-bites & segues, and plenty of hyped-up platter-chatter from Bill and Rick. So, make it a point to jump on board The Night Train (and WMPG) every Saturday afternoon from 1:30 to 3:00 PM (ET)

Soul Brother #1, the late James Brown, gave us the proper musical direction when he sang the following back in 1962: “All Aboard – Night Train.” Call Bill & Rick on The Night Train Show’s famous Boss Hitline: 207-780-4909. Or, you can contact Bill using his radio show’s web sites (see links above).