Stan Fortuna is originally from New Hampshire and moved here in 1969.
He was befriended by two lesbian feminists in 1972 who were instrumental in helping him to open his closet door.
In 1973, he and his boyfriend and their 2 lesbian feminist friends drove to New York City and marched in the Christopher Street Liberation Day parade that celebrated the Stonewall riots of June 28, 1969. They carried a small MAINE sign attached to their umbrella.
Shortly thereafter with the same group of friends, he co-founded LAMBDA of Brunswick and In 1974 members of LAMBDA attended the first Gay SYMPOSIUM at the University of Maine at Orono sponsored by the WILDE-STEIN CLUB. As a result of the symposium the groups that attended formed the MAINE GAY TASK FORCE and published the MAINE GAY TASK FORCE NEWSLETTER which later became MAINELY GAY. While attending the University of Maine Portland-Gorham he was the cofounder of Gay People’s Alliance.
Stan has had a varied career while living in Maine but most recently took early retirement from Maine Medical Center after 30 years. He currently lives in southern Maine with Andy, his husband of 21 years and their 4 cats.