This Land Is/Tuesday Night Talk Radio Club

Tuesday 7:30 to 8:30 pm, Public Affairs

This Land Is, Tuesday Night Talk Radio Club


This Land Is: Real estate is an almost universal obsession of residents of southern Maine, and why not? With so much beautiful land; fine housing stock; and interest in locally farming it is easy to find oneself musing over the potential of a certain property or a personal dream thereof. At the same time, southern Maine suffers from numerous land use problems including: uneven distribution of capital/land value; poor public transport; rising sea levels; spot zoning; and a weak regional planning body.

We explore land use from various social, cultural, and political perspectives with guests from government, real estate, activism, academe, and the private sector.


Tuesday Night Talk Radio Club is a radio magazine, produced by a group of WMPG volunteers, which frequently features members of the University of Southern Maine faculty and staff exploring topics related to their endeavors both within the University and without. We also highlight artistic and cultural events occurring in the community that may not specifically involve the University, including interviews with artists, authors, musicians, and celebrities, and/or reviews and promotions of upcoming events and endeavors.