Songs to be Murdered By

Tuesday 10:00 to 11:30pm

DJ Anne
Songs to be Murdered By

Music so loud, obnoxious, pulsating, in your face and raw you'll think you've died and gone to heaven. Songs To Be Murdered By.. has been on the air waves of WMPG since the spring of 1994. The show features some of the heaviest, hardest, and most aggressive METAL music out there! STBMB is not for the weak! And don't even think about requesting anything like Papa Roach!

Along with all the kick ass music, I'll give you all the latest concert info, new cd release information, and I'll give you chances to WIN all kinds of really cool stuff, from all your favorites bands! Almost every week, I have cd's, concert tickets, or other merchandise for you to win! Dont miss your chance to get some great stuff, all just for listening to WMPG.

Here are a few of my favorite bands.. Nothingface, Fear Factory, Machine Head, SkinLab, Diecast, Biohazard, Shadows Fall, Soulfly... now if you know more than 3 of those, you should be listening to my show!! And if you didnt know any of them, I feel sorry for you, and you should still tune into the show, so you can broaden your ear in music.

If you live in Portland, you should also check out my MUSIC VIDEO show, called MUSICAL MAYHEM. It runs on Channel 2, on Wednesdays at 9pm. You'll see some of the coolest videos, for bands that you didnt even know had videos! And you might even see yourself on the show.. because I bring a video camera to every concert I go to... and tape footage to use for the show.

You can email me requests (or just to say hello) at Songs to Be Murdered By Hope you can tune into the show.. and I look forward to hearing from you!