Thursday 3 to 5 pm, Indi-Revolutions

DJ Jim Rand
Land of the Lost


Land of the Lost

Enter the Land of the Lost, where you'll find a twisted world of psych and punk songs from the 30's to the sounds of Nowww.

Dale from the Melvins
Buzz from the Melvins in the WMPG Performance studio during Land of the Lost

Jim & Shawna
Ptolemaic Terrascope
Shaymus Galvin Rand

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The Bomp List, sometimes known as Bomp-L, is not a mouthpiece for BOMP! promo, but a discussion group for surfadelic garagepunk music, culture, and whatever else we feel like talking about. We like to think of it as a refuge from the morass of Pearl Jam talk on The experts on hand here are sure to have the answers to any question you might have. If you're interested in the Bomp list archives, you'll find them here.


An unholy mix of surf, hot rod, hillbilly, '60s garage, psychedelia, primal pop and traditional and KFAI 90.3 FM (Minneapolis) and 106.7 FM (St. Paul) -- Noisily streaming live in RealAudio every Friday 9-10:30 p.m. CST - -- Recent archived shows in RealAudio, playlists and the Bird Dance Beat guide to bashin' Upper Midwest rock'n'roll of the Sixties.


"Featuring new & vintage garage/punk, surf, psychedelic, rockabilly, pop obscurities and a little bit o' soul..." WMFO (91.5fm) Medford, Massachusetts
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THE WAYBACK MACHINE... A Tradition of Trash Since 1995 43,000 watts of garage, punk, & primitive rock'n'roll! Mondays: 8-10pm (CST) KDHX-FM 88.1, St. Louis, Mo. Visit the trashy website: Garage Punk Tune in LIVE via streaming audio: KDHX Radio

The Mad Daddy!, listen to some old Real Audio Airchecks from Pete Myers AKA the Mad Daddy from -

Punk Zine Archive from Operation Phoenix Records

The following Maximumrocknroll, Flipside, Suburban Voice, and HeartattaCk punk zines are presented in PDF format for the zine archive. All of these punk zines are out-of-print, and each zine has given me permission to post this information online. All of the pages are included in an attempt to recreate the zines for the Internet, so people can read them for free. It won't be perfect, but at least you don't have to shell out big money to read these old punk zines or deal with crooks who sell copies of the zines, but they tell you the zines are original. This punk zine archive only exists because people have supported these zines. Maximumrocknroll, Suburban Voice, and HeartattaCk still have issues that are for sale, so feel free to contact them to pick up an issue (or two).


The best thing to use is actually an 8 to 1 ratio of distilled water to 99% isopropyl alcohol (thanks to Mr. Sanchez for this one!). DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL!! Rubbing alcohol has lanolin in it and that will gunk your records up. The problem with just a damp cloth is that water has minerals in it and it will leave crap in the grooves. Distilled water is free of this stuff and the alcohol will evaporate the water. Get a good sponge (NOT a scouring sponge) and clean 'em with that and the alcohol/water mix. I put it in a spray bottle and clean 'em that way. Just keep it off the label. Old gunky records can be washed with a mild soap solution and elbow grease to clean the filth outta the grooves (I've had really rare records given to me by dealers, etc that thought the records were unplayable. After a good wash they were in very playable condition). Once again- keep the water off the labels. I've been doing this for 20+ years and it works wonders. And most of the store bought record cleaning solution is fine but the homemade stuff is much cheaper. I still occasionally use Discwasher for a light cleaning before play (I clean my records every time before I play them but I have an expensive stylus and I'll do everything I can to prolong it's life plus it's just a good idea to keep the dust off the records) but I actually prefer to use the Discwasher contraption and my own solution.