Sunday 10:30am to 12:00pm

DJ Shaxx

Sonic Latitudes

Nothing in this world can transport your mind beyond the limitations of your physical world quite like music. Rhythms, melodies, voices, frequencies. Music is a core thread that connects humanity. Each week I take you on a sonic voyage, exploring the possibilities of music on our planet. Sonic Latitude's prime directive is to expand the listener's understanding and enjoyment of music by exposing them to genres that are not frequently heard on FM radio: Afro-beat. Cumbia. Fado. Bossa Nova. Balkan Brass. Celtic. Tuareg. Son Jarocho. Bluegrass. Gypsy Jazz. Quebecois. Folk. Tango. Soukous. Rebetiko. Salsa. Morna. Rai. Highlife.

Some weeks I'll take you on a trip around the globe, listening to new releases from each continent. Other weeks I'll spotlight a single genre or artist. There is always a theme to weave and a story to tell as we explore this wonderful world of music.