6:30 to 8:30 a.m., Sunday Simcha

Gail Wartell

Sunday Simcha has been on the air for almost 20 years and is the only Jewish music program in Maine and northern New England.  It is one of only a handful of Jewish music radio shows in the United States and one of only a very few to feature modern, diverse, and cutting-edge recordings.

Sunday Simcha features:

* An eclectic blend of Jewish music from across the diaspora, including klezmer, Sephardic, ladino, traditional, sacred, folk, rock, classical, and jazz.

*Live interviews

*News and announcements for the Southern Maine Jewish community

*Occasional Jewish humor

Gail Wartell by the Dead Sea

VOICES FOR ISRAEL is the most ambitious Jewish Music project ever, bringing together over 50 Jewish music artists from throughout the broader Jewish community, joining their voices in solidarity with Israel.

It is the most comprehesive collection of contemporary popular Jewish artists from the US and Israel ever put together. All sales of the CDs go to aid Israeli victims of terrorism. The CDs include an inspiring QuickTime movie as well as hours of music.

For Individual sales click here.

Cd's can be ordered for group fundraisers.

For more details about this project: click here.

Selected Jewish music sites:

Ari Davidow’s Klezmershack

Jewish Music Web Center

Milken Archive of American Jewish Music

Selected labels and distributors:

Traditional Crossroads

Tara Publications

Selected musician sites:


Aaron Alexander

Alexandria Kleztet

Sarah Aroeste

Yoel Ben-Simhon

Best Little Klezmer Band in Texas

Neil Blumofe

Neshama Carlebach

Casco Bay Tummlers (Maine’s own klezmer group!)

Chassidic Jazz Project (Reuben Hoch)

David Chevan (The Afro-Semitic Experience)

Anat Cohen

Avishai Cohen

Even Sh’siyah

Alisa Fineman


Adrianne Greenbaum

David Kamenir

Simcha Kanter

Klezical Tradition


Klezmer Conservatory Band





Klingon Klezmer

David Krakauer

Koby Israelite

Margot Leverett & the Klezmer Mountain Boys

Avner Levy

The Livnat Brothers

Frank London (and the Klezmer Brass All-Stars)

Jon Madof

Metropolitan Klezmer (and the Isle of Klezbos)

Moishe's Bagel

Naftule’s Dream


Panorama Jazz Band

Pharaoh’s Daughter (Basya Schechter)


Roberto Juan Rodriguez

Peter Saltzman (Revolution Ensemble)

Jenny Scheinman

Shawn’s Kugel


Ben Sidran

Andy Statman

Alicia Svigals (and Mikveh)


Warschauer-Strauss Duo

Mark Weinstein (Jewish Jazz Ensemble)

World Quintet (f/k/a Kol Simcha)

Yiddishe Cup

Zamir Chorale


Maine Sites:


Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine

Maine Jewish Film Festival

Casco Bay Tummlers


Selected Jewish information sites:


The Forward - Weekly newspaper (NYC)

The Jerusalem Post - Daily newspaper (Israel)

The Yiddish Voice  - Radio program (Boston)

The Virtual Shtetl - Yiddish language and culture

Mima’amakim – Online Jewish arts magazine