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Contact Information

WMPG Street address:
92 Bedford Street
Portland, ME

WMPG Mailing Address:
96 Falmouth Street
Portland, ME 04104-9300

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General Information (207) 780-4943
On-Air Studio Requests (207) 780-4909
DJ Request Email:djrequest@wmpg.org

WMPG's Radio Activists:

WMPG is comprised of volunteers, work-study students, board members and a handful of paid managers.


Jim Rand, Station Manager
(207) 780-4424 stationmanager@wmpg.org

Lisa Bunker, Program Director
(207) 780-4598 programdirector@wmpg.org

Dale Robin Goodman, Development Director
(207) 780-4151 development@wmpg.org

Jim Rand, Technical Director
(207) 780-4424 technicaldirector@wmpg.org

To Submit Public Serivce Announcements

WMPG Scene Report wmpgscenereport@gmail.com

University of Maine System and the Board of Trustees

WMPG's license holder is the University of Maine System and the Board of Trustees of the University of Maine System. The Board has full legal responsibility and authority for the University System and WMPG. All Board of Trustees meetings are open to the public.
Click here for meeting dates and all minutes of relevent meeting

WMPG also has a local advisory board. The community is represented on this board. All meetings are open to the public and fall on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. They start at 7pm and are held on the USM Portland Campus in Room 1 in the Payson Smith hall.

WMPG Board Members

Michael Manning, Chair, Staff Rep
Ben Culver, Treasurer, Staff Rep
Lorenzo Raffa, Vice Chair, Staff Rep
Bethany Bernhardt, Secretary, Staff Rep
Garry Stevens, Staff Rep
Fred Frawley, Staff Rep
Kevin Murphy, Listener Rep
Peter Donnelly, Listener Rep
Maureen Topa, Listener Rep
David Young, Listener Rep
Jim Rand, Management Rep
Lisa Bunker, Management Rep
Dale Robin Goodman, Management Rep
Matthew Killmeier Ph.D., University Rep
Katherine Friedlander, University Rep


Daniel Malcolm, Billy Libby, Heather Powers, Carey Corrow, Ethan Chanterelle, Jessica MacDonald, Sarah Dietz , Adinah Barnett, Michele Arcand, Rebecca Boothby Conley, Michael Audie, Mindy Cairn, Pam Baker, Rick Colella, Katie Diamond, Moe Dubreuil, Chip Edgar, Steven Emmons, Caitlin Flynn, Cindy Flanders, Chris Grittani, Ben Guiliani, Pete Hodgin, Ed Kilian, Jamie LeBish, Chris Lee, Shane Long, John McKenna, Chelsea Miller,Ed Murphy,Angus Mclaurin, Stephane Pejic, Lorenzo Raffa, Karl Rawstron, Rob Rosenthal, Jacques Santucci, Zack Shirland, Craig Springer, George Starr, Mary Hope Tobin, Marieke Van Der Steenhoven, Delphine Vialla, Emily Van Strien , Eric Whitten, Bob Wirtz, Dan Zarin, Jay Williams, Jim Flanagan, Andy Barbo, Carson Hanrahan, Jeff Wilbur, Charlie Vacchiano, Doug Sanborn, Kevin "Boo" Leavitt, Stephanie Philbrick, Sam Anderson Patnode , Patrick Babcock, Kurt Baker, Braden Biddings, Alexandra Bouvrette, Dave Cipullo, Eric Cookson, Barry Dumper, Shawn Emerick, Kurt Geib, Anthony Harris, Colin Kelley, Claudia Laguardia, Jacob Lowry, Martin Manning, Bob Miller, John O'Rourke, Brian Rollins, Scot Seltzer, Stuart Townsend, Jennie Vieira, Michel Giasson, Patrick Williams , Kristina Truesdale, Ben Weinstein, Robert Rovner, Zach Nixon, Seanne London, Dan Kramer, Luke Fuller, Tim Delahanty, Jay Carroll, Marc Beltrante, Giorgi Baino, Christie Baglieri, Smokie Ayanle, Kelly Olive, Matt Anderson, Joe Anderson, Blainor McGough, Jeff McCreight, Merrill Marsh, Dave Herter, Stewart Guernsey, Ramon Graham, Jeff Graffam, Brian Dyer, Steve Dunphy, Alex Baltos, Jill Koufman, Patrick Kambu Mbenza , Katz Bahlkow, Damion Rallis, Claire Houston, Kala Stenehjem, Sam Zuckerman, Justin Chapin, Jenny Santomauro, Derek Reynolds, Orion Breen, Henry Jones, Gretchen Berg, Shane Perry, Charly Duley, Glenn Shelley , Joe Duley Chris Lowenstein, Christopher Ramos, Paul Condello, Larry Burkett, Scott Carlin, Dan Cassely, Marc Chillemi , Tony Cowles, Alex Bradstreet, Karl Rawstron, Ness Smith Savedoff, Erik Eisele, Peter Smith, Sarah Trent, Suzy Ryan, Zach Barowitz, Meaghan Lasala, Wendy Hazard, MacKenzie Rawcliffe, Carrie Losneck, Ned Cabot, Sara Earle, Gabe Terracciano, Anna Flanagan, Claire Holman, Michael Manning, Jen Hodsdon, Kevin Fogg, Chris Busby, Dany Challenger, Michael Cutting, Brian Farrell, Steve Frantz, Roy Ghim, Frederick Greenholgh, Emma Holder, Artur Kaptelenin, Jim Kennedy, John Mooney, Suzanne Murphy, Deirdre Nice, Justine Norden, Paul O'Neil, Pete "DJPJ" Paraskevas, David Pence, Rosita Roberge, Isaac Shainblum, Ruby Simkoff, Dawn Smith, Bob Cochran, Sara Montegut, Raymond Wallace, Jeff Wax, Gail Worster, Chris White, Kolap Touch, John Tanabe, Eric Poulin, Kate O'Halloran, Alan Nexon, RJ McComish, Deb Gallagher, Julian Johnson, Theo Konig, Alison Hinson, Anne Hallward, Dick Dinman, Savoy Duch, Ronda Dale, Ambrose Berry, Billy Cole, Bill Audette, Marc Bartholomew, Jeff Babin, Justin Andre, Hashim Allah, Garry Stevens, Virginia Throckmorton, Thaian Vu, Bob Wade , Tom Ayres, Steve Hirshon, Suzanne Walcott, Jim Ward, Gail Wartell, Jan Wilkinson, Keita Whitten, Ben Webber , Dave Wade, Michael Townsend, Barb Truex, Carmine Terracciano, Skot Spear, Bill Smith, Pirun Sen, Myron Samuels, Win Phillips, Jim Pinfold, Milka Perez-White, Lincoln Peirce, Jackie Nice, Barry Mothes, Lars Lindgren, Matt Little-Farmer, Jessica Lockhart, Paul Krakauske, Dan Knight, Rob Hoyt, Zarra Hermann , Jen Grover, Ceci Gilson, Al Frey, Daniel Fields, Eric de Chevalier, John Dennison, Bill Donnini, Chris Darling , Elaine Colella, Victoria Chicon, Steve Cain, Noel Bonam, Rock Bergeron, Anne Beal, Dave Babb, Kevin Attra
University of Southern Maine
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