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WMPG Begathon Logo


Spring Begathon takes place from Thursday, March 19th through Wednesday March 25th. The WMPG volunteers and managers will be asking their listener-supporters for donations totaling $50,000 to meet the station's operations budget. We greatly appreciate every generous and thoughtful gift from every listener! We couldn't do this without all of you!

WMPG Soundbites

For WMPG volunteers and listeners, the week of Begathon is a 7-day celebration of the unique opportunities that community radio offers. "Regular people, with and without previous media experience, come to WMPG to learn how to make radio that is important to them," explains WMPG Program Director Lisa Bunker. "We teach them the skills and responsibilities of how to do it, and then the music that is played and the topics that are discussed are completely up to them.

WMPG is dedicated to preserving access to the public airwaves for the people of southern Maine, and especially the voices and languages not heard elsewhere on the broadcast dial.

Community radio stations like WMPG, volunteer-run and open to all-- are becoming rarer as the pressure is on for even community radio stations to be focused on homogenous programming and revenue generation.

WMPG is diverse, broad in its content, and serves as a forum for those whose voices aren't heard elsewhere. From live bands, to live interviews, WMPG is how members of our community communicate with our neighbors. WMPG is an important asset to the health of our southern Maine communities.

WMPG belongs to all of us: It's our responsibility to take care of this asset, this unique and precious resource. There are so many ways to get involved, and a few times a year, we ask you to make a financial contribution to WMPG Community Radio and keep it healthy for the sake of community connection, free speech and public access to the public airwaves.

From our humble beginnings more than 40 years ago in a dorm room on the Gorham campus of the University of Southern Maine, WMPG has grown to a broad-reaching, eclectic radio station offering music, public affairs, talk and news programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WMPG's recent power increase now brings our signal from York to Augusta and west to central New Hampshire.

So what do you think? Can we do this? There are thousands of friends receiving this message now. Now that we have "Powered UP" there are thousands more of your friends and neightbors receiving us. If everyone gave a small gift, we would raise the required funds to keep WMPG operating strong and robust for another 6 months! Donations can be made online at wmpg.org, click the PayPal donate button and give your gift electronically. Or call the Begathon hotline 207 874-3000 starting on March 19th, and an operator will quickly take down your donation information or stop in at WMPG, 92 Bedford Street and drop off your check.

To mail a check directly to us send to:

WMPG Begathon
96 Falmouth St.
Portland, ME 04104

If you are inspired to give a substantial gift to WMPG, please contact Dale Robin Goodman, Development Director at 207 780-4151.

We also would like to thank the following businesses for helping out WMPG during our begathons!

Bonobo Pizza, Margaritas Brown Street, The Holy Donut, Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Coffee By Design, Tony's Donuts, Silly's, Bintliff's American Cafe, The Great Lost Bear, Flatbread Pizza, Sea Dog Brewing Company, Rosemont Market & Bakery, One Longfellow Square, State Theatre, Portland Asylum, Salvage, Gritty McDuffs, Port City Music Hall, Stone Mountain Arts Center, CYBERCOPY, Po' Boys and Pickles, Congress Bar & Grill,
Standard Baking Company,774-8129, 559 Brighton Ave & 75 Commercial Street, Portland, ME
Bogusha's Polish Restaurant, 825 Stevens Avenue 878-9618 Portland, ME

How about becoming a WMPG Sustainer! Small monnthly donations are affordable but go a long way to keeping WMPG running!

FMI Contact: Dale Robin Lockman 207.780.4151 or e-mail development@wmpg.org Bookmark and Share

WMPG's Home Dad Chip Edgar returns to the airwaves with new program - "Time Out"
Go stand in the corner

Home Dad Chip Edgar is back on the air with his new public affairs program, "Time Out," Wednesday afternoons at 1:00.

Named after the somewhat controversial parenting technique (not necessarily endorsed by the producers or WMPG), "Time Out" will provide a brief respite from our daily fear of infectious disease, death by terrorists, gay marriage and the next looming weather pattern with non-commercial commentary, your phone calls, and special guests. Plus, on every program a Time Out will be given to a deserving adult that may have not had good role modeling as a child.

Time Out facebook page

Eric Poulin interviews Morrigan Turner, Gaby Ferrell, Lily SanGiovanni on WMPG's "The Soapbox" and discuss the recent brouha at South Portland High concerning free speech.
Portland Press Herald
Morrigan Turner, Gaby Ferrell, Lily SanGiovanni(photo courtesy of Pressherald.com)

"If you'd like to". When Lily SanGiovani added these four words to the South Portland High School morning announcement about the morning ritual of the Pledge of Allegiance it created quite a social media storm.

A feature in the Portland Press Herald increased it. On Wednesday, February 25th Eric Poulin interviewed the South Portland High students who created this storm.

Listen to show here.

WMPG broadcast the 17th Homelessness Marathon - Live from Sarasota on February 17th
Homelessness Marathon

The 17th Annual Homelessness Marathon originated from Sarasota, Florida this year and was carried by over 100 community radio stations across the country. It aired on WMPG from 7pm Tuesday, February 17 until 9am the next morning. WMPG has broadcast this program every year and we are proud to present this important program.

The Marathon is held in conjunction with The National Coalition for the Homeless. The Homelessness Marathon's mission is to raise consciousness about homelessness and poverty in America and around the world. This is a national call-in broadcast event.

Click here for a complete schedule of the broadcast

BINTLIFF'S AMERICAN CAFE wins the 2015 WMPG annual Fat Tuesday Cajun Cookin' Challenge!

Mardi Gras Party
2015 WMPG Cajun Cookin' Winners Bintliff's American Cafe!(photo courtesy of MaineToday.com)

Congrats to 2015 Cajun Cookin' Challenge Champs, Bintliff's American Cafe. Bintliff's, soon to be renamed Bayside American Cafe, served a Gumbo with Chicken and Andouille Sausage with Mini Corn Cakes. Tasty!

This year's runner-up was USM's own Aramark/USM Dining who treated us to a delightful Shrimp and Scallop Etouffee with a sip of Sazerac - yes the real stuff.

It was an incredible event and given the giant walls of snow lining the streets here in Portland the turnout was fantastic! Other contenders this year included Congress Bar & Grill, 2014 winners Bayside Bowl, Po' Boys & Pickles , Gritty McDuff's and Izzy's Cheesecake .

WMPG broadcast the entire event which featured New Orleans music from WMPG DJs and a great live music performance from The Cajun Aces.

If you wanna get a feel for the event and check out the party check out this nice feature MaineToday.com created!

FMI Contact: Dale Robin Goodman 207.780.4151 or e-mail development@wmpg.org <

WMPG's End of Year newsletter!
New Mainers Speak


Want to read our "End Of Year" newsletter? Catch up on the latest WMPG news including features on WMPG winning 3 Maine Association of Broadcaster Awards, WMPG's Kate Manahan and her program New Mainers Speak, our new mission statement, our new web page and much more!

Download it here and read it the green way!

'MPG Morning News - weekdays 7 & 8am


In October, WMPG began airing daily morning news Monday through Friday. Volunteer news anchors now present news breaks at 7 and 8am each day within existing morning music programs. State and local headlines are written and read by the volunteer anchors, and original reports created by WMPG volunteer reporters.

The morning news initiative follows a successful year-long beta-test period duruing which the station aired a half-hour weekly news roundup program hosted by volunteer News Director Sam Bullock.

In the spirit of community collaboration, WMPG seeks to partner with as many existing local news organizations as possible. The station has also created a new separate training track to empower citizen journalists.

"Our goal is to build a volunteer-powered news department which becomes a trusted source of journalism WMPG style: quirky, smart, and hyper-local," says Program Director Lisa Bunker. "It's one more way, as a local community media organization, that we strive to better serve the many communities within the reach of our signals."

FMI Contact: Lisa Bunker 207.780.4598 or e-mail ProgramDirector@wmpg.org

Planned Giving: Make WMPG a Part of Your Legacy

Planned Giving: Make WMPG a Part of Your Legacy

Many people think that planned giving is a difficult process and only something that wealthy people can do. In reality, planned giving is easy to do and a great opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations. Planned giving, or gift planning, enables individuals to make larger gifts to nonprofits and charities than they normally could make from their income. Depending on the type of gift chosen, an individual may enjoy tax benefits, secure a lifetime income stream and provide additional income for heirs. These gifts, while planned now, help ensure that the voice of WMPG Community Radio will be alive and well for years to come.

There are a number of ways you can support the future of WMPG with a planned gift:

It is important to consult your attorney or estate specialist when making planned giving decisions.

Should you have questions regarding WMPG's planned giving options or wish to talk with someone at the station, please call Jim Rand, WMPG Station Manager at 207-780-4424 or e-mail stationmanager@wmpg.org.

We are honored to accept your planned gift and would like to know more about your future wishes, as they involve WMPG. If you have already included WMPG in your estate plans, please let us know. We would enjoy the opportunity to thank you and would like to make sure your intentions are carried out properly.

WMPG 12th Annual Bluegrass Spectacular fills up One Longfellow Square on October 20th
Bluegrass Spectacular


On Monday, October 20, WMPG Community Radio presented the 12th Annual Bluegrass Spectacular at One Longfellowsquare. Local Bluegrass legends, Tumbling Bones, The Grassholes, the Jerks of Grass performed. WMPG's Ceci Gilson, host of Thursday's "Kitchen Party" program was MC the evening.

Doors opened at 6 PM and the place quickly filled to near capacity! Thanks to everyone who came to the show and especially the bands who were stupendous!

All proceeds from the Bluegrass Spectacular benefited WMPG Community Radio. For more information contact Dale Robin Goodman at 207 780-4151 or development@wmpg.org.

Tumbling Bones
Jerks of Grass

Click here for printable flyer for event.

WMPG volunteers win three Maine Association of Broadcasters awards.


WMPG volunteers have won three awards from the Maine Association of Broadcasters. Each year the MAB recognizes and honors the best work of Maine-based broadcasters through their annual News and Creative Awards. Entries come from both commercial and and non-commercial broadcasters, including Maine Public Broadcasting.

This year's winners from WMPG were:

Sam Bullock, WMPG news director, third place in the Feature category for her story about the USM Theater production of "In the Underworld".
Listen here.

Dr. Anne Hallward and Gabe Grabin, third place in the Public Affairs category for the weekly half-hour program "Safe Space," a show featuring courageous conversations about subjects that are difficult to talk about.
Safe Space Radio

Bill Audette, second place in the Locally Produced Program category, for his weekly old-time rock and roll music program "Night Train"
The Night Train Show

"WMPG could not be more proud of our volunteers," says station program director Lisa Bunker. "Awards like these prove that even though WMPG is a scrappy little neighborhood radio station with a tiny budget and staff, programmed almost entirely by students and volunteers, we routinely make radio as good as any radio out there."

USM President David Flanagan interviewed on WMPG on 9/12/14
USM President David Flanagan

On Friday morning, 9/12, USM Interim President David Flanagan visited the WMPG studios and spoke with long-time volunteer host Steve Hirshon about the challenges USM faces this year. The interview will air on WMPG this Monday morning, 9/15, from 8 to 8:30am, and is also available for download here.

Underwriter Profile: Lee Auto Malls, Adam Lee
Adam Lee, Lee Auto Malls Board Chairman

By, Kathy Gulrich


Lee Auto Malls

One of the first things I noticed when I stepped into Board Chairman Adam Lee's office was the beautiful nature photography displayed on the walls. Turns out it's his work. But more about that later.

First, I was interested in finding out how a business partnership that started with a handful of used cars on consignment, and about $1,000, became a company with 14 new car franchises, 13 used car dealerships, and the highest volume car sales in all of Maine.

Lee Auto Malls has been family owned and operated for three generations. But as Adam Lee explained to me, more than 50 years of family work ethic is just part of the story. He credits the company's commitment to unparalleled customer service with much of the company's success.

Just how serious is Lee Auto Malls about customer service? To make sure that each customer's car-buying experience a positive one, there's an owner in every new car location. Every customer call and email is answered, personally. And owners and managers even share their email and cell numbers with customers.

Read more about Adam Lee and Lee Auto Malls

The Maine Blues Society celebrates 25 years!


Twenty-five years ago then WMPG Program Director Ed Noyes loved blues music. He loved it so much he created the WMPG Evenin' Sun program, MPG's flaghip blues show still heard six nights a week from 5-7pm. He also took his love of blues to another level, helping create the Southern Maine Blues Society. To make this love complete he opened his own nightclub called Morganfields which brought the best national blues acts to Portland. The club was located where the Asylum now sits. Morganfields was nationally known as a club to play at with it's wonderfull atmosphere, sound and local support.

Well here we are twenty-five years later and Morganfields has moved on but the blues lovers in the area are still enjoying the blues with the Evenin' Sun shows and the Southern Maine Blues Society is now known as just the Maine Blues Society. To celebrate these twenty-five years they are putting on a 25th Anniversary Celebration and everyone is invited.

The Maine Blues Society would like you to know that in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Maine Blues Society, they cordially invite you to attend an event to honor our founding members. We are excited to have been part of the American blues music scene for the past 25 years and wish to express our gratitude to those who put in the effort to create and foster a community here in Maine that continues to encourage a passion for The Blues as the one true American art form. Current and former members of our society, such as yourself, continue to support the proliferation and popularity of Blues music and we are going to celebrate those efforts on Sunday September 7th, 2014 beginning at 1pm at The Tailgate, 61 Portland Rd, Gray, ME.
There will be appetizers provided....
The Tailgate blues jam will follow...

WMPG presented Shadows of Liberty at Local Sprouts Cooperative on Monday June 9th @ 7pm.


WMPG in partnership with Local Sprouts Cooperative, presented a screening of an acclaimed social justice documentary Shadows of Liberty about corporate control of the mass media. All proceeds from ticket sales benefited WMPG.

In Shadows of Liberty filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay explores the darker corridors of the American media landscape, where global conglomerates call the shots. In highly revealing stories, renowned journalists, activists and academics give insider accounts of a broken media system. Controversial news reports are suppressed, people are censored for speaking out, and lives are shattered as the arena for public expression is turned into a private profit zone. Tracing the story of media manipulation through the years, Shadows of Liberty poses a crucial question: why have we let a handful of powerful corporations write the news?

The film features the voices of Danny Glover, Julian Assange, Dan Rather, Amy Goodman, David Simon, Daniel Ellsberg, Norman Solomon, Dick Gregory, Robert McChesney, John Nichols, Chris Hedges and many more.

Flatbread Pizza for a WMPG benefit on draws crowd


Thanks goes out to everyone who joined us on Tuesday May 20th for pizza or two at Flatbread Pizza on Commercial Street in Portland. Flatbread donated $3.50 to WMPG for each pizza ordered between 5-9pm! Yea! Thanks Flatbread Pizza for supporting WMPG and all the other non-profits you support as part of this project!

WMPG's 10th annual Fashion Show was lots of fun at Port City Music Hall! Videos now available of show! Thanks Foo Crew!
WMPG Fashion Show


Another huge thanks goes out to everyone who came out and supported WMPG at our 10th Annual WMPG Fashion Show Benefit! It featured local fashion designers presenting their works in a fast-paced, high fashion setting with a hometown touch. It all took place at Port City Music Hall in Portland.

The show included entertainment by Dark Follies Vaudeville the Hoop Vixzens plus live music by The Moodiest.

A huge thanks to The Foo Crew who were there and filmed the entire show and produced these videos! Missed the show - check out the videos!

Dark Follies opening performance
1st half of Fashion Show
2nd half of Fashion Show
The Hoop Vixzens

The WMPG Fashion Show features creations from local designers presented by local models. From casual to formal clothes, accessories and more all crafted by local artists. Wild and daring, or sweet and sassy, our local designer community never fails to dazzle the Fashion show audience.

WMPG Artistic Director Cindy Flanders put together an amazing show, MC Cat Smith kept the models moving in stunning fashion and Technical Director Pete "DJPJ" Paraskevas produced the best WMPG Fashion Show ever! Nothing would have happened with them!

All proceeds from the Fashion Show benefited WMPG Community Radio. For more information about WMPG's Fashion Show Benefit, contact Dale Robin Goodman at 207 780-4151 or development@wmpg.org or Cindy at Fashion@wmpg.org.

We also had a silent auction which included generous donations from Queen of Hats, Caravan Beads, Lovell Design, Portland Pilates, Life is Good, aDiya Fine Jewelry, Caiola's Resteraunt, The Downeaster, Street & Co. Restaurant, Hot Suppa, Asmara Resteraunt, O2 Salon, Corey & Co., Fisherman's Grill, Maine Rock Gym, The Sun Room, The Yoga Center, Ferricchia Hair Salon, Joseph's, Fabu Salon, Momentum Barber Shop, Monkey C Monkey Do Adventure Park, Bertini, Aristelle Fine Lingerie.

Click here for a Portland Daily Sun feature on the show!
Click here for full list of silent auction items available!
Click here for press release of event

FMI Contact: Dale Robin Goodman 207.780.4151 or e-mail development@wmpg.org

WMPG's founder Howard Allen attended the WMPG 40th Birthday Party - listen to him give a brief history of how WMPG started!
Jessica Lockhart and Howard Allen
Jessica Lockhart & Howard Allen

40 years ago Howard Allen was attending USM, then known as UMPG, and was instrumental in creating WMPG!Thanks Howard! On 4/23/14 we had a live broadcast event and community gathering to celebrate the station's 40th Birthday. Howard attended and was interviewed by longtime WMPG'er Jessica Lockhart.

Click here to listen to the Howard Allen interview

The celebration started at 10am with an hour of special programming originating from the station's studios. Howard dropped in then and was one of many to stop by.

The broadcast then moved to the Woodbury Campus Center for three hours of live remote radio, featuring a variety of local musical acts in various genres including Samuel James, Sean Mencher, a live Radio Drama (facilitated by Fred Greenhalgh), Pete Witham, David Jacquet and friends, and WMPG DJ Ronda Dale.

The party also featured birthday cakes and a history of WMPG display including news clippings and photos from 1971 to present day! The party was sponsored by WMPG, Portland Student Life and USM's Tourism and Hospitality program. Students in the TAH 410 Event Promotions class worked all semester to create and implement a marketing plan for our 40th Anniversary celebration.

Thanks to everyone who attended or listened in! It was a great time.

Click here to for more info!

Click here for full size flyer to print out!

Has your car gone to the dogs?
WMPG Car Donation
Call 1-888-WMPG-Auto, we'll do the rest!

No need to growl...just give us a whistle... we'll come fetch it! Make no bones about it...donating your car will make WMPG howl with delight!

If your car has an engine and is towable... and you have the title, call 1-888-WMPG-AUTO to see if your old wheels may be eligible for a tax deductible donation to WMPG.

You make the call... and we take care of the rest!

WMPG has teamed up with the friendly folks at The Center for Car Donations to coordinate this effort.

EdTalk - USM forum discussion about the state of education in Maine.


On Thursday, November 21st, WMPG broadcast USM Edtalks live from USM's Hannaford Hall.

This was a chance for the USM community to speak to a panel of Maine Senate and House Representatives about the rising cost of education, budget cuts and the future of public higher education in Maine. The forum was co-hosted by USM Student Government, The Free Press, WMPG, and the USM Executive Director of Student Life & Dean of Students. The moderator was Dr. Ron Schmidt, USM Associate Professor of Political Science.

Panel Participants included:
Justin Alfond, State Senator, Maine Senate President
Rebecca Millett, State Senator, Chair of Joint Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs
Andrew McLean, State Representative
Michael McClellan, State Representative
Matt Pouliot, State Representative

To stream the broadcast click here.

The WMPG 18th annual Record Sale Fall Record & CD sale happened November 2nd!
WMPG Record Sale
WMPG DJ Matt Little finds a Rockabilly gem!


We couldn't have asked for a better day last Saturday as the Southern Maine Record and CD collectors converged on USM's Sullivan Gym for the 18th annual WMPG CD and Record Sale! Dealers from all over New England set up shop along with WMPG's crew as this highly anticipated event took place. A huge thanks goes out to all the WMPG Volunteers who made this event possible! For the "record" this was one of our largest sales to date. We brought in over $7,400 in sales! Thanks espcially to everyone who donated all those CDs and records.

It is hard to believe but we are already thinking of next year's sale. If you have any old records and CDs that are taking up space? We need them. We are in need of records and CDs for next year's sale. Here is a great way to help out your friends at WMPG! - Donate your records and CDs to WMPG for the sale. If you have records, CDs or old turntables taking up space and you don't know what to do with we will take them. The sales from the event go to help WMPG obtain equipment and offset other fees.

Call (207) 780-4424 or e-mail the stationmanager@wmpg.org. Our crack team of drivers will quickly arrive at your house to clean away all those old records that are taking up space! We will then give you a receipt which can be used for a tax deduction! Thanks again for to everyone who already donated the records and CDs!

Printing assistance has been provided by our friends at CYBERCOPY located on Forest Avenue in Portland!

WMPG Soundbites WMPG Soundbites

NAACP's Rachel Talbot Ross responds to LePage's "kiss my butt" comment. Click below for audio.
NAACP State Director Rachel Talbot Ross

Rachel Talbot Ross is the State Director of the Maine NAACP, and President of the NAACP's Portland Branch. This morning, Ms. Talbot Ross visited the WMPG studios to participate an audio project being prepared for a MLK Day radio special.

She talked with WMPG Volunteer Reporter Lorenzo Raffa about today's response from Maine Governor Paul LePage to invitations from the Maine NAACP to attend events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King. If you would like to hear their conversation, Click here to listen.

Underwriter Profile: Phoenix Glass Studio
Phoenix Glass Studio

Phoenix Glass Studio
630 Forest Avenue
Portland, Maine

Take whatever images your mind conjures up after hearing the phrase "stained glass" and smash'em.

Walking into Phoenix Glass Studio, one proceeds with the utmost delicacy; It's easy to feel like the bull in the china shop and to be intimidated by the beautiful glass pieces that compose the studio. But surprisingly, you'll be greeted by Sammy, a bulky and excitable Labrador - A bull in a china shop! You can feel completely at home.

Phoenix glass was established in 1976, and has survived many bulls in the forms of fires and vehicles. Their beautiful art, contemporary and hardy, has survived and is as striking as ever. Once in the Old Port, Phoenix studio is now settled in on 630 Forest Avenue, a lovely little hub with a plethora of windows (some newly discovered) perfect for their eclectic display.

Read more about Phoenix Glass Studio

Check out the new Gallery Talk Blog!
Gallery Talk Blog

Lars - WMPG's host of You'll Dance To Anything, Sundays 9-11pm also presents us with Gallery Talk, a 2 minute arts module heard weekly on WMPG. He also provides it in a blog format. Gallery Talk can be heard Thursdays 7:00am, 5:00pm & 8:30pm on WMPG! Or check out the blog at gallerytalk-lars.blogspot.com

WMPG's Blunt Radio featured on WCSH's 207

We are proud to report that WMPG's own Blunt Youth Radio program was featured on the WCSH 207 program.

The Blunt Youth Radio Project produces a weekly call-in talk show that airs Monday nights from 7:30-8:30 on WMPG, Southern Maine Community Radio. High school age youth from the Portland area, both free and incarcerated, staff the show. Blunt Members are trained in all areas of radio production: interviewing, hosting, reporting, editing, and engineering. The show has won several Gold and Silver Reel Awards from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and a number of First Place Radio News Awards from the Maine Association of Broadcasters.

WMPG's Fred Greenhalgh featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal
Waiting for a Window
Fred Greenhalgh(on left) also recently won an Ogle Award

We're happy to report that WMPG volunteer Fred Greenhalgh and his production company FinalRune was featured in the Wall Street Journal on February 25, 2010. The article, entitled "Return With Us to the Thrilling Days Of Yesteryear - Via the Internet," heavily focused on his signature field recording style and director Fred Greenhalgh's passion for reviving audio drama in an age of the iPod.

Missed the show - no problem we recorded it and you can listen to it here:
Click here to listen to program

Fred Greenhalgh also recently won a Gold Ogle Award, an international audio drama award for Best Fantasy Audio Drama.

WMPG Volunteer Fred Greenhalgh wins the "Ogle Award" an International Award for Radio Drama
Waiting for a Window
Fred shows off his new Ogle with Master of Ceremonies, Jerry Stearns

Fred Greenhalgh, volunteer producer of the program Radio Drama Revival on WMPG, has won the Gold Ogle Award, an international audio drama award for Best Fantasy Audio Drama. He won it for "Waiting for a Window," a surreal tale of Norman, a sailor who finds himself stranded on a strange tropical island where no one ever seems to leave. The half-hour drama was produced by Greenhalgh's Portland-based FinalRune Productions. It was recorded entirely on location in the Portland area -- at marinas, marshes, the beach, and an abandoned mill space in Biddeford. It debuted on WMPG, and features a talented local cast including Ed Patterson, Bill Dufris, and Philip Hobby. Greenhalgh had the opportunity to personally receive the award in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the CONvergence festival.

The "Ogle" is named for Charles Ogle, who played the first Frankenstein's creation in Edison's silent 1910 film of the famous science fiction horror novel. The award celebrates the best fantasy/audio production of the year. Greenhalgh's program can be heard each week on WMPG, Thursdsay afternoons from 1 to 1:30pm.

Click here to listen to "Waiting for a Window,"

Malaga Island: A Untold, a radio and photo documentary produced by WMPG-FM in collaboration with the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.
Deuce of Spades
"There are a remarkable number of photographs of the Malaga Island community. Newspapers published several dozen photos over the years sometimes in a kind of newspaper photo-spread unusual for the time period. Photos were also taken for postcards. This postcard image was titled "The Deuce of Spades." In the picture is probably Annie Parker holding Pearl Tripp. Some contend this picture was posed purposefully in an animal pen. Photo Courtesy Maine Historic Preservation."

In 1912, the state of Maine evicted about forty-five people from Malaga Island off the coast of Phippsburg. The island residents were poor, black, white, and mixed race. The eviction is typically viewed as a shameful moment in the state's history. WMPG-FM, in collaboration with the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, announces the premier of Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold, a radio and photo documentary recounting this infamous event and its impact on several generations of descendents.

Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold includes an hour-long radio program plus a gallery show featuring photographs, audio, and a panel discussion. The radio documentary aired on WMPG, February 26th. A gallery opening will took place at Salt.

"This is one of those stories where people say 'That happened in Maine?!' or 'The state did what?!' Then they say 'Tell me more,'" said Rob Rosenthal, radio producer for Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold....

Read More.

Music Reviews by WMPG DJ's
4:13 Dream
Suretone/Geffen Records; 2008
By Ron Raymond
WMPG Music Director

How does a 32-year-old alt-rock/goth band get the fans excited about a new album months in advance of the album’s release date? Well, to prepare for the 13th album by 80s alt-rock/goth heroes The Cure, 4:13 Dream, the 4-man band led by Robert Smith, released singles on the 13th of each month leading up to the album’s initial release date of September 13th. Each of these singles had non-album B-sides, which have always been a Cure staple. However, the album got pushed back to October 13th and was ultimately released on October 28th. After a remix EP was released on September 13th to tide fans over, the album arrived and is the first album since 1989’s Disintegration that, for the most part, sounds like The Cure we used to know.

4:13 Dream opens up like several Cure albums past – with a long track. In this case, it’s the song “Underneath The Stars.” The song echoes back to Disintegration, by far the band’s biggest album to date. First single “The Only One” also echoes back of Cure days past, to songs like 1985’s “In Between Days,” 1987’s “Just Like Heaven” and 1992’s “High.” It’s refreshing considering how awful 2004’s self-titled album was. There was maybe one good song on the whole thing. It’s nice to see Robert Smith and Co. going back to basics.

The album does, I feel, take a couple of missteps in the songs “The Real Snow White” and former single “Freakshow.” These songs sound like the more recent Cure offerings and they don’t feel like they belong in any album. They just seem out of sorts compared to all of the other great cuts. Other highlights on 4:13 Dream include the sweet but short “Sirensong”; one of the singles and my favorite song on the album, “The Perfect Boy”; the simple but lovely “This, Here And Now, With You”; and, “Sleep When I’m Dead,” which sounded to me at first like an older Cure song – and now I know why. Upon further reading, “Sleep When I’m Dead” is actually a song that was originally written for the 1985 album The Head On The Door.

Do I think like The Cure are headed back in the right direction? Yeah, I do. 4:13 Dream is the first studio album that reunites original member Porl Thompson with the band since 1992’s Wish. And, strangely enough, in Spain, where the Cure have never had much success, the first three singles off the album have all gone to #1, with “The Perfect Boy” reaching #2. This album makes me look forward to their next effort, so I can applaud that one as well, because I believe the Dream is real – that The Cure can (and will) still make some truly good music.

Return your returnable bottles & cans and support WMPG!

Next time you bring back bottles and cans you can help support your favorite local community radio station...And you don't even have to get dirty! CLYNK, a new local redemption program, will let you turn in a bag of bottles and/or cans at any participating Hannaford and will credit it to WMPG. There are special bags, which you can pick up here at WMPG, that have a barcode. Want us to mail you a few of them - no problem! Shoot us an e-mail to WMPG Station Manager. When you fill them up and drop them off the barcode will credit your (5 and 15 cent) returns to us! It's that easy.

Participating Hannaford stores include: Biddeford, Brunswick, Buxton, Falmouth, Lakes Region (Windham), Portland (Forest Ave), Saco, Sanford, Scarborough (CLYNK's flagship location), South Portland (Mill Creek), Topsham, Westbrook, Yarmouth, and York.

A big thanks to Jan, host of Local Motives, who had some quick thinking when she learned about the program and added us in!

Long time WMPG Technical Director remembered with Memorial Stone


For more than ten years WMPG DJ's had Phil Hersey to thank for keeping all the equipment up and running. Phil's favorite time at WMPG was either late at night repairing equipment or when a band was playing and he was the engineer. Phil was the WMPG Technical Director and engineer for our Local Motives program, the program dedicated to live local music. If you were in a local band around here for the last decade, chance are Phil made you sound good. He was an institution within the local music scene. Phil passed away in 2004 and last year WMPG DJ Lars Lindgren completed this monument to him. If you want to hear some of Phil's work just call one of our DJs and ask for some local music. We have more than 500 recordings in our library which he mastered. We miss ya Phil but are happy that your passion and love for live music has lived on here at WMPG!


Take a virtual tour of WMPG's facilities!
Click here to watch a "Youtube" video tour of WMPG Radio

Have you ever wondered what WMPG's music library looked like or perhaps the on-air studio? If yes, then here it is, we recently took out our digital camera and took a walking tour. Take a look at our 67,000 cds and 30,000 lps! Check out our new audio console compliments of the Maine Association of Broadcasters. Meet a few of the people that keep WMPG running! Thanks to Stephanie Sample for the creative editing of the video.

What's in the Future for WMPG?

WMPG's 2010 5 Year Plan is available here for you to read. Learn more about what the future holds for Southern Maine Community Radio WMPG station.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the file. You can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader here.

Click here to read the plan

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