Program Already In Progress

Now in its 3rd big year, PAIP is WMPG's weekly radio comedy/drama/improv/parody/satire program, heard Fridays at 10:30 p.m. Here are the latest mp3s from the show, or click the PAIP Homepage for past episodes.

"30 Years In Arrears"

PAIP #24: 30 Years In Arrears -- The WMPG Story
PAIP celebrates WMPG's 30th birthday with this all-star mockumentary hosted by uber-Brit-chick Rank Lewis, who takes us back through three decades of college/community radio mayhem. Listen for rare performances from Karen Carpenter, The Eagles, Bob Dylan, Peter Frampton, Nirvana, Jim Rand and much more!

See photos from the music recording sessions here.

Written and Directed by Dan Bernard
Starring Instant Comedy: Hilary Aptowitz, Dan Bernard, Jennywren Sanders, Harold Tucker, Tom Walsh
Guest Voices: Chip Edgar, Jim Rand, Dave Bunker, Phil Hersey, Matt Little
Vocals: John Shibley, Jennywren Sanders, Josh Samuels, Rebecca Minnick, Jim Hall
Musicians: John Shibley, Jim Hall, Michael Townsend and special guest Leif Laudamus
Produced by Michael Townsend and Jim Hall
Original air date: 9/12/03

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