Portland Radio Theater

Various productions from WMPG's PRT group

Dalcron: "WMPG style commercials"
Written by Henry Amick
Produced by Moe Dubreuil
The Dalcron players: Paul Drinan, Hillary Aptowitz, Robyn Wood, and Henry Amick

Lost Souls: Five Part Series written by Ruth Leddy
Produced by: Ruth Leddy, Michael Townsend, Stephanie Philbrick, Moe Dubreuil,Norm Proulx, Dan Bernard
Starring: Ruth Leddy, Hillary Aptowitz, Tom Walsh, Dan Bernard, Lindsey Thompson, Paul Drinan, Seth Burnham, Nathan Raleigh, Cliff Gallant, Tom Walsh, Leslie Bailey.
Foley Effects: Blainor McGough and Lindsey Thompson
Roscoe North, Psychic Detective: WMPG Detective Story with a twist...
Written by Dan Bernard and Tom Walsh
Produced by Michael Townsend
Starring: Hillary Aptowitz, Frank Taliento, Tom Walsh, Dan Bernard and Jennifer Boggs Foley Effects: Nathan Raleigh, Dan Bernard and Ruth Leddy
SoniComics WMPG Super Hero on the Portland Waterfront!
Written and Directed by Blainor McGough
Produced by: James Barnes and Blainor McGough
Starring: Declan McGough, Colin McGough, Adinah Barnett, Blainor McGough, James Barnes and Dan Bernard