USM Media Studies Audio Production 220

"The "Lighthouse" from choppy waters"

Ten USM media studies students are creating great sound in Audio Production 1. Here are 15 minute interviews that the students did live with a guest and engineer. Please give a listen to some thoughtful and fun interviews on the podcast called "The Round Table".

USM's media studies 220 audio class.

Visual Artist- Stacy Howe PRODUCER Brad Willette Download
Latin American Communuty member- Lucia Rico PRODUCER Lillian Lema Download
USM's Osher Map Library Director- Ian Fowler PRODUCER Aaron Nielsen Download
Web Series Producer- Kate Tracy PRODUCER Weston Masi Download
Foundation Director- Julianna Nielsen PRODUCER Meg Mitchell-LaBrie Download
Media Studies Instructor- Nat Ives PRODUCER Bridget Conlogue Download
Northeast Media House- Kyle Gravel, Jack Rohner PRODUCER Jesse Hermida Download
SAAC President- Demi Ruder PRODUCER Michael Martel Download
Undergraduate Research Opportunity- Prof. Bruce Thompson PRODUCER Colin Cundy Download