USM Media Studies Audio Production 320

Thirteen USM media studies students just completed Audio Production 2. They created: Vox Pops (voice of the people), Public Service Announcements, News Features and a 4th project where they could create any kind of audio which we called "Student's Choice." Please give a listen to some creative and really cool work from the "Student Choice" projects.

USM's media studies 320 audio class.

Student Choice projects.

:58 secs Sample sound design for Horror Movie PRODUCER Leanna Bergeron Download
2:25 mins Audio Postcard of the Fraternity SIGISIG PRODUCER Katie Cioe Download
2:25 mins Original song written and sung by Kayla PRODUCER Kayla Crowley Download
2:41 mins Dream...Nightmare PRODUCER Sadie DuBois Download
3:02 mins Comedy Spoof interview PRODUCER Erik Eliason Download
4:04 mins Song played and produced by DJ PRODUCER DJ Fuhrman Download
5:42 mins Original song composed and produced by Peter PRODUCER Peter Iuretig Download
4:00 mins Man, Nature, Machine - sound design PRODUCER Orin Myth Download
16:45 mins Review of Miley Cyrus concert PRODUCER Destioney Pinkham Download
4:19 mins Kids singing "Let it Go" PRODUCER Brittany Pace Download
2:27 mins Why Laughing is so Good for You PRODUCER Emily Pierce Download
3:32 mins Original song performed by Britney PRODUCER Britney Ruotolo Download
2:11 mins Movie mash-ups PRODUCER Grace Waldron Download