Echoes in the Wind
This program was heard Monday's 11:30am-1pm for more than ten years. The program featured cultural and spiritual music of America's indigenous people. Host Valerie Cartonio has moved north and can be heard on the Orono radio station WMHB Tuesday's noon to 2pm. Here are some select features from past shows!

Mar. 24th, 2003 broadcast, interview with Gen Huitt.and two songs "Indian Pony" and "Makin Money"

Jan. 27, 2003 broadcast, interview with Tony Rosales of Coalition. November 11th, 2002 broadcst featuring 9 year old, Native American flute prodigy Evren Ozan and Mac Ritchey on guitar and didj. He is also Evren's producer. February 18th, 2002 broadcast featuring Wabanaki Mental Health Service. Focus on HIV/AIDS education and outreach for Maine Indian tribal communities.
Marsha Monestersky focusing on the Dineh Forced Relocation.
Phone interview with Joanne Shenandoah
Howard Lyons and Steven Standing Owl. FMI: Howard Lyons
Jesse Red Horse and friends. We kicked off "American Indian Heritage Month" with a return visit of Jesse Red Horse. FMI: Jesse Redhorse