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WMPG’s purpose is to provide a high quality, community-oriented broadcast service to the people of Southern Maine by:
  • providing a full-time schedule of music and culture, news and information;
  • promoting awareness and discussion of local issues and activities;
  • promoting awareness and discussion of global issues and culture;
  • presenting artistic, cultural, and political perspectives which are underrepresented in mainstream media;
  • promoting acceptance, understanding, and cooperation between people and cultures;
  • fostering new and experimental uses of radio as a medium for creative expression;
  • approaching radio as a dynamic medium for community dialogue, introspection, and expression.

Further, WMPG strives to be a training ground for students interested in broadcasting by:
  • maintaining an authentic, full-functioning radio station;
  • providing ongoing training and workshops in all aspects of radio;
  • providing opportunities for hands-on experience in radio;
  • maintaining local, national, and international broadcast industry contacts to assist students in furthering their involvement in broadcasting;
  • providing opportunities for students to take management and decision-making roles.

Also, WMPG seeks to give citizens and community groups access to radio to share their interests, concerns, and talents by:
  • providing low-cost broadcast training regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, lifestyle, age, or physical ability;
  • providing opportunities for women and minorities and others who are underrepresented in mainstream media to participate in management and decision-making;
  • encouraging the participation of community members with diverse backgrounds and perspectives;
  • encouraging two-way communication between the station and citizens by de-emphasizing the distinction between broadcaster and listener and encouraging active listener participation in all facets of radio via letters, tapes, phone calls, community events, studio visits, and performances.
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WMPG receives funding from the CPB which requires the following information to be posted on our web page. WMPG CPB Transparency Compliance Page
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